About Andrew Brookes

You'll find Scotland’s most inspiring tailoring and design business tucked away up a hidden staircase that sweeps you off Edinburgh’s prestigious George Street.

It's where European shapes and pieces are designed, crafted and styled by second-generation mens tailor Andrew Brookes and his team.

Andrew's design pedigree comes with over seventy years of knowledge, passed down by his father who founded their family business Brookes & Co Gent’s Outfitters back in 1946. As a child Andrew would sit around the cutting room table playing amongst falling threads, a tradition repeated by his own children as a third generation of Brookes embark in a career in the tailoring and fashion industry.

“From the age of twelve, I worked in the family business learning the trade from my father and some of the best tailors in the industry. This is where my passion for tailoring, for colour and fabric began, with the fashion showrooms in London and Europe a real inspiration."

It was through this very special apprenticeship that Andrew honed his own skills, seeking inspiration on buying trips around Paris, Cologne and menswear mecca, Florence.

In these annual quests to find the best in luxury apparel and clothing, a unique style signature was born.

"I opened a business in the late 1990s concentrating on men’s highland, tweed and formalwear with our awardwinning Kiltpin brand, which blazed a trail at the time. But handmade menswear under my own label was always my passion so this led onto the Andrew Brookes Collection, which we launched in New York. Today, our business caters for clients worldwide.

"My children have been in the business since birth. My wife Mel and I have built our company like my father did, with our family, so it’s lovely to see them, the next generation, taking the same interest in design.

"Anyone can throw clothes together, but style is a very different matter. When I am creating a wardrobe for someone, I am working with them to build their own personal brand."

Each exquisite Andrew Brookes garment tells its own story. From formal highland wear and work suits to sophisticated soft tailoring, you will find a piece or outfit for every occasion.

The George Street studio embodies the style of Hollywood icons Steve McQueen and Stanley Tucci. These men knew how to make casual look cool and their influence is prevalent in many of Andrew’s designs with classic menswear that’s luxurious and fine, infused with innovative, surprising touches and maybe a little streak of rebellion every now and again.

The studio is a peaceful haven - walls adorned with stylish photography of these iconic greats as well as lifestyle and timeless luxury brand images against a backdrop of comfy leather sofas, intimate interiors, luxurious fabrics and great menswear all served up with a dram or two of Scotland’s finest malt whisky or gin.