Be the one percent...

Since their inception, men have been unwillingly dragged along to Wedding Shows by their other halves in the hope that they will find some enjoyment in being involved in the planning of their special day.

Any man who has reluctantly agreed to attend these shows more often than not find that they are not really needed, as the bride to be and her ‘team’, as it were, of wedding planners in the form of bridesmaids, friends, mothers and in-laws have everything covered.

The groom tends to find himself left out and not needed after all, aimlessly wondering around trying to kill time in the hope that they’ll find something that amuses them.

Usually there are things like wedding cars, kilt makers for the man to visit, but it’s the same old models of cars and the same designs of wedding attire that they’ve seen before, until they stumble upon our little stand.

Over the weekend, through the madness of women looking at all the options available for their wedding, we managed to meet quite a few gentlemen who match the description provided above, and the response we got was exactly why we do what we do.

It’s hard to get to know someone through brief encounters, but we can at least get a feel for their vibe, which is all we ask for in the initial stages.


As the conversation goes on you tend to get a better idea for what the gentleman likes, doesn’t like, maybe you’ll open his eyes to something they never thought they’d like before. To be able to do all this in just a few minutes, and see the amazement on the man’s face is priceless, and now we start to lay the foundations of what could potentially be their wedding attire.

Suddenly, he’s found something he can really put some time and effort into for his wedding day. We often find that the man has limited involvement in the organising of the wedding itself, so when they discover an avenue that they can really express themselves for their wedding, they jump at the opportunity. Because everything is custom made, to fit your exact measurements and is an expression of your personality, you can’t help but be passionate about the finished product, whether it’s for your wedding, a dinner party, or just an everyday jacket, to get you to and from work.


We had a fantastic time at the Luxury Scottish Wedding Show. A wonderful event with some excellent companies exhibiting the finest products their industry has to offer. If you want to be like 99% of the grooms in this country then feel free to go with the same old kit, but if not, you know where to find us if you want to stand out from the rest. Be the one percent!

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