Client Testimonial: John Curtis

We're extremely proud of the garments we provide. There's a lot of preparation, calculation and hard work that goes into creating bespoke clothing. So when we get feedback on how much of an impact our work has been on someone's life, it's a feeling of reward that we can't quite explain ourselves, but it has to be said there is a great deal of satisfaction when we hear such kind words.

Below is a video of one of our clients, John Curtis, who is the Managing Director of That Friday Feeling. As you'll see in the video, when John came to us he looked like as he put it 'a bag of washing'. John was looking to get fitted for a kilt to attend a friend's wedding, but from our first impressions of him, we could tell that a kilt just wasn't going to be enough for a man of his character. Like a lot of people who walk through our doors, he wasn't really sure what he liked. He didn't know what fabrics he liked, what felt good or what made him feel comfortable.

After getting a feel for his vibe and his personality, we could really dive into the process of designing his suit. Now we'll let John take you through the rest of his story.

Since our first meeting John has become a regular client of Andrew Brookes Tailoring, as he has experienced the value of fitted clothing first hand.


"Absolutely delighted by the feedback about my kilt outfit at a recent dinner with the Institute of Engineers and Technicians. They loved your work!" - John Curtis.

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