Everything ties in nicely.

When a customer approaches us and enquires about getting a bespoke suit made for them, one major factor that is often missed is the tie. Why? We have no idea. The tie, although a small accessory, is a crucial ingredient to the overall recipe that is a complete bespoke suit. What exactly is a tie? A long piece of fabric that can be tied around the neck in a variety of fashions for decorative purposes, but let’s also remember that they’re part of a uniform, a sign of membership to a sports club or association. Much more than a meaningless piece of fabric.

When we meet someone for the first time, the first thing we see if their face obviously, and the next item our eyes are drawn to is the tie, if they are wearing one, so it’s important that this is done right. Ties have been an integral part of uniforms in professional ranging from waitstaff to military personnel and hundreds of jobs in between.


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Now, why not imagine your suit as your uniform, that you wear with pride. Wearing a full suit with the utmost confidence, demands a certain degree of respect from customers, clients and various other acquaintances one would encounter through the various aspect of their life. A suit without a tie, although can still look very stylish, doesn’t exude the same level of professionalism. A perfectly fitted suit will look good on anyone, because it’s fitted to them, but a tie that compliments the outfit as a whole, really is the icing on the cake.

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Now we’re not saying that Every single businessman must wear a tie with every suit and that’s the rule… no, not at all! What we believe is that in the workplace, professionalism should be shown through pride of appearance, and this is best done with a complete ‘uniform’. There are many different, styles, fabrics, lengths and so on to choose from, it really is down to which of these aspects suits your vibe. If you don’t know what your vibe is, Andrew will certainly be able to tell you.

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