Fit for a king...

Well where to begin? When we were approached by a TV personality, we knew that it was going to be an exciting project, but little did we know how exciting it was going to be, and not in the way we had originally anticipated. For those who don’t know, Ross King is a British television presenter, actor and writer, best known for being LA Correspondent for ITV Breakfast programmes Lorraine and Good Morning Britain.

Ross formerly presented shows on Radio Clyde from America and various local LA shows. He is the automated telephone voice of American Express in the UK. Ross contacted us because he wanted a bespoke suit for his wedding, which was much sooner than we had hoped for, but as we always do, we took it in our stride and continued.

The next step is the fitting, but again this turned out to be another obstacle as Ross was only in Scotland for a short period of time, as he had to jet back to the states to continue his role as the ITV’s LA Correspondant. In our, for lack of a better word ‘regular’, projects, we are accustomed to anything from 2-4 fittings, but due to the brief window of time we had with Ross, absolutely everything had to be perfect, as this would be our only fitting.

It will shock you to know that we didn’t even get a chance to see the finished article, before it was whisked off to take it’s place at Ross’s LA residence. The following weeks were a nerve-wracking experience, waiting for a call to say that some alterations had to be made, the fabric wasn’t what he had expected, something that was bound to go wrong… but no such call came. Thankfully everything had went according to plan, and the suit was a success.



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Earlier this week, we rushed to the newsagent to pick up HELLO! Magazine, as we knew that issue 1393 had some photos that we had a vested interest in, and like Ross, we were not disappointed. We were delighted with how the wedding suit came across in the photos and we know that Ross was delighted with this as well. It’s an absolute joy to see our garments take their place, perfectly fitted to the client’s body, and the fact that the coverage was HELLO! was just an added bonus to the satisfaction we get from every project, no matter who the client is.

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