How important is style to Suits?

We’ve talked before about how wearing a good suit can change your attitude, give you confidence and have a real effect on how you present yourself, and even how another person perceives you when meeting you for the first time. In this blog, we want to talk about how your clothes can convey power in the workplace.

The reason for this being the topic of our most recent blog, is the highly anticipated return of Season 5 of the hit television series ‘Suits’, due to premiere this summer, where this is one of the most prominent messages throughout the series. For those who haven’t seen the programme, we’ll give you a quick re-cap without posting any spoilers.

A hot-shot New York lawyer, Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht), is looking for a new associate to take under his wing. During his interviews, he comes across Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams), a college dropout with extremely high intelligence and an eidetic memory. Of course one of the requirements to be hired by a law firm is to have not only attend law school, but graduate as well.

Neither of which Mike Ross has done, yet he is more than familiar with the study of law due to his exponential learning capabilities. From the get-go, Harvey pokes fun at the way Mike dresses, asking him how much he spends on clothes and making fun of his ties. This results in Harvey sending Mike to his personal tailor.

Harvey is always dressed to the nines in three piece suits, manufactured with pin point tailoring, but Mike fails to see the relevance of the suits he wears and the suits that Harvey wears to their work, to which Harvey replies; “People respond to how you dress so like it or not this is what you have to do.”.


At Andrew Brookes Tailoring, we couldn’t agree more with this statement, as it relates directly back to our blog about your suit matching your personal brand. The first thing people see before they even speak to you is what you’re wearing.

Remember, the first impression is the one that lasts. It also shows how you look after yourself, that you take pride in your appearance and how others view you.

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When watching the series you can see that they way Harvey presents himself is with total confidence, whether he’s talking to his peers or superiors, everything from his posture, attire, demeanor, the way he projects his voice all show how confident he is in himself. This is something that we feel should not be overlooked when it comes to purchasing bespoke clothing.

How much it can not only affect the way you look, but the way you feel and how you conduct yourself.


As we’ve said before, purchasing a new suit is not just another item of clothing, it’s an investment that let’s other people know what kind of person you yourself are.

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