It's business dress, but not as we know it

Having just finished another personal styling project for a client, I'm reminded of the importance of your own personal "brand."

My personal styling clients treat my service as an essential part of how they project themselves professionally, not just in terms of what they say, but also how they look and project their own personal brand.

I become part of their professional "team" and help them decide on all aspects of their style, from clothing to things like reading glasses, watches, jewellery, hair styles and beards.

I'm going to share with you my Top Five tips on personal styling, to help you make the very most of your personal brand.

1. Start at the beginning

Thinking about the correct style that fits your shape and makes you feel and look good is the first (and most important) thing. What were your fashion triumphs and disasters and how do you feel about buying clothes? This peels back the layers and will give us a window on your relationship with fashion.

"Dressing well is a form of good manners" -Tom Ford

2. Getting the fundamentals right

Any good business wardrobe will include the fundamental building blocks from which everything else stems. For most people, this would certainly include a good navy and a grey suit, white and blue shirts, black and brown shoes, a selection of ties and a dark coat to deal with the Scottish weather.

I also recommend my clients invest in one additional key suit, which gives multiple options to dress up or down as required and create a number of different looks from your suit staples.

In addition, I recommend three tailored jackets in what I describe as "essential" colours, with waistcoats and trousers to match.

Basic wardrobe tailoring is then complete, with the fundamentals in place.                                                                                                                                                              

3. Dress Down Friday

I've found that many men go wrong and start to sweat when it comes to the dreaded dress-down Friday! Finegauge classic knitwear is very much the conduit between the classic tailored wardrobe and that whole level down that the French and Italians seem to do so well. I advise my clients to choose a sleeveless waistcoat or cardigan in navy, grey and brown, which bridges this gap and makes your jacket and trousers less dressy and slightly more continental. Match this up with a deeper colour, cut-back tailored shirt, more casual wool or knitted ties, navy jeans and you have just knocked that Friday feeling out the park with style!

4. Finishing touches

Shoes and belts should all match and will make a huge difference to how dressy or casual your outfit becomes. Tailored shirts with the right collar can transform your key looks up a few notches as well.

5. The little things

Waving the magic style dust on an outfit comes from the smaller things, which are so important but so easy to forget or leave out.

Scarves, ties, pocket squares and coloured laces all elevate an outfit. And if you include watches and coloured straps, leather bracelets, the right sunglasses and reading glasses, you have found the perfect recipe to style.

This is only a small window into the world of personal styling and dressing. But if you can start with the basics and furnish your wardrobe with key tailoring, you will be well on your way to an exciting transformation, which will show off your personality and help improve your self-confidence. For me, what I love most is watching the transformation in my clients once they have gone through this process – and seeing them fall in love with clothes and fashion all over again.

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