Key Essentials - The Grey Jacket

2nd up in our ‘Key Essentials’ blog series we are talking about at the Grey Jacket. 


The grey jacket is our pick for a second jacket after the ‘classic’ blue or navy jacket. Both grey and classic blue are timeless, but where the grey really comes into its own is with its exceptional versatility. This makes it a must for anyone’s wardrobe.  


“You should be able to pick up this grey jacket and wear it with nearly anything in your wardrobe” – Andrew Brookes


With a grey jacket we are able assemble multiple outfits, fitting these to the personality and lifestyle of our clients. With so much flexibility, building outfits around the grey jacket gives our clients a real confidence that they will always look and feel great. This versatile Vitalie Barberis wool flannel is lightweight compared to classic flannels so can be worn all year round. The surface interest adds a luxurious feel, yet is light to the touch for that perfect combination.

Picking the right grey

Key differences from blue are that a grey jacket should be a little lighter but not too light. We go for lighter than a mid-grey, but not too silvery, which allows us to take it in all sorts of directions. If you add white sneakers instead of navy or dark brown, this gives a casual yet sharp look.

A white shirt under a grey jacket looks amazing. Tee this up with a light or dark grey tie and pocket square. Add to the look with a bit of John Smedley knitwear underneath. This creates an ‘upper casual’ outfit which is both cool and sophisticated and can be worn for business, leisure or occasions.


For a slightly more ‘edgy’ feel you can pair the grey jacket with a rich navy shirt and denim. You can then accessorize with a cashmere scarf and hanky. This keeps a lovely dressy feel which, by adding sneakers, brings real character.


Below the Belt

You can pair the jacket with so many trouser styles to create a strong look. Go for navy chinos, black denim, navy trousers, charcoal trousers or white or cream jeans in the summer. 


Using Black

Contrast the light grey with dark colours for more of a statement look. Go for black denim, black T-shirt and round it off with a black pocket square. This is still a great angular look, no shirt or tie in sight. You could also have black sneakers or black loafers for a smarter vibe.


And White

Doing it the other way round, the same can be done with white with a white T-shirt or shirt, but with the option of still sticking with black denim.

Joining two colours together around an outfit adds a beautiful balance which we call "The Power of Two." The grey jacket, white sneakers and white T-shirt create a "Power of Two."



If you want to go a lot dressier, a great option is to use a charcoal or navy trouser with a white or light blue shirt. You then add balance with a navy or grey tie and grey pocket square for a smart and confident look.

Something you shouldn’t miss is a cashmere scarf to accessorize.


Creating a Bundle

Choose a silver waistcoat or cardigan and the same colour in a cashmere tie, pocket square & scarf. This bundle, working with a grey jacket, will give huge amounts of personality.


A Summer Look

When it comes into spring and summer, beiges, cremes and taupes work beautifully with greys and light greys. These are lesser known combinations which many men wouldn’t even think about putting together, but which we know can create a distinctive stony feel. The granite-like colour scheme can fit the bill, whether it is on holiday, work or at home.


“Don’t be scared to take a grey jacket and put a beige chino with it” Andrew Brookes


A Grey Jacket is a key essential for your wardrobe. The options are endless so have fun with it and show your character.