Key Essentials – The Classic Blue Jacket

In this article we talk about ‘The Classic Blue Jacket’ and how you can use this garment to create multiple looks.

It must be the Right Blue Jacket

Sourcing fabrics from the very best weavers throughout Europe, our jackets are made by hand with exceptional attention to detail. A jacket fitting in our George Street Studio will involve taking between 14 and 20 individual measurements. We also will consider all aspects of how you stand and how your body looks, your shoulders, chest, waist and seat to make that perfect hanging jacket that is uniquely yours. Finding the right cloth that works for you and the way in which the jacket is made is all important to give you a classic or more contemporary feel. Buttons, linings and stitching colour can be used to personalise, we’re even about to use stone from a Scottish Castle to craft buttons for one of our clients. The result of our meticulous tailoring process is the ‘right jacket’ – a luxurious, comfortable and stylish jacket that will last through the years.

“True quality tailoring allows key garments to be exceptionally versatile.” – Andrew Brookes

Suit Versus Separate

Certain garments fit effortlessly with the classic jacket to create an upper casual look that is smart enough for a business wear without being too formal. 

White and deep light blue shirt pairings give an instant sharp and classic look for men. Their light tones bring colour contrast to the blue jacket whilst keeping a subtlety to the overall outfit.

In the summer wearing only a t-shirt underneath your jacket looks great and keeps you cool. 

Adding a trouser from the jacket fabric can create a suit which can be worn in different ways. We can then create a striking look by adding a tie and then perhaps a classic cardigan. Our tip is that with a blue suit, a club tie can bring classiness and individuality on the other hand you’ll find that a shirt with a big collar will not really need a tie. With a cardigan, grey tones give great contrast against your blues. 

“Shoes are so important for styling and feel.”

Finishing the look is then done by selecting shoes. Classic Brogues or Black shoes can root an outfit like this into a more classic look. Taking this away from perhaps the normal thinking we can replace shoes with a white sneaker which instantly makes the outfit young, dynamic and energetic. Sock choice can bring a touch of colour and add personality.

Dressy Denim 

Pairing Denim with a blue jacket is a timeless upper casual look. Dark denim, is a stalwart of the wardrobe however men often become unsure of how to wear denim for business rather than casually. Our tailored jeans can indeed create a dressy or business look when combined with a blue jacket. To do this most effectively the denim should be dark navy and stitching dark and subtle. Our tip is to avoid pale or grey denims. Used in this way denim can be a great conduit to trousers and can create a smart business look for going into meetings.

Any good wardrobe will include the fundamental building blocks from which everything else stems. A Classic Blue Jacket is fundamental.