Last minute modifications

Last week, we started off a day like any other until we received a phone call from one of our clients, who had not long received his made to measure kilt suit.

Usually when we receive a phone call from a client after an order has been delivered, it’s most likely that they\'re calling to give praise or express that it’s turned out better than they thought. Something along those lines.

But on answering the phone we could tell that this call was different. There was a slight sense of worry in their voice, which of course made us aware that this was more than a courtesy call to give praise of their new garments.

As we suspected there was going to be a change in the outfit, which isn’t normally a problem but when the full outfit is designed, manufactured and delivered it becomes a bit more difficult.

In the run up to a wedding you’ll find that the bride and groom tend to lose weight in order to look better for the big day, so all that has happened is they lost a bit more weight since the last measurements were taken.

With the big day fast approaching, and the client living in the north of Scotland, we decided to meet as soon as possible at a halfway point, so we set off to Dundee.

Upon meeting, we wasted no time in getting the new measurements done. What a sight it must have been to see two men taking measurements for kilts out the boot of a car and then making the alterations in the same boot… Talk about going the extra mile!

After one of our more ‘unusual’ appointments, the meeting was a success. The required adjustments were made and we both headed back home.

Although the day didn’t turn out as we expected, what was important is that our client went home happy, with garments fitted to his exact, up to date measurements, which is what we’re all about at the end of the day!

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