Tailor’s Tips: It’s a much more personal relationship

From the outside looking in, many people have this misconception that when it comes to bespoke tailoring, you come, get your measurements, choose your fabric, get your garment and be sent on your merry way. Maybe with some tailors, but not with Andrew Brookes Tailoring.

Before we take any measurements of your body, we need to measure you as a person, now we don’t mean we’re going to look you up and down and pass judgment, we get to know you. It’s a much more personal relationship than the simple salesman-customer interaction you’ll get in most high street shops, this is much more of an investment of not only your money, but your time. Related post: Bespoke clothing; cost of suit vs. cost of use.

Even when a prospective client first comes to meet us, whether it be at the showroom, or in a restaurant, their office or even their home, they’re not so much shocked, but more surprised at what we discover.



It’s a real treat to us when we meet someone who vibes well with us and knows what they’re looking for, but when we’re presented with a blank canvas with a vague idea, by the end of that first encounter, we have started to draw the outlines of the piece of art that is bespoke, tailored clothing.

This is something we try to get across in all of our projects. No garment can be suited for two different people, everything is unique, apart from thing, and this is the relationship we build and maintain with all of our clients. Each relationship is special, and that’s something we really value at Andrew Brookes Tailoring.

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