Tailor’s Tips: That timeless quality feel…

When it comes to getting a bespoke garment made for you, the impression is always that it is for formal events only. For example if a client wants a dinner jacket made, the understanding is that this jacket is only meant to be worn at a formal dinner with a smart dress code. We cannot speak for other tailors, but this could not be further from the truth, when it comes to the attire we design anyway. Of course there are some items of clothing that you will only want to wear at these types of events, but when you look at the general cost of bespoke clothing, why limit the usage to a few nights out a year?


Related post: Bespoke Clothing; cost of suit vs. cost of use Yes, these garments are traditionally meant for formal occasions, but if your tweed shooting jacket, or the waistcoat from you three-piece looks good with your favourite jeans (which it will) what’s to stop you? Who’s to say that you shouldn’t do that?



It’s all about the feel good factor your clothes have, as well as how they make you look. If it makes you feel good to wear something bespoke in your everyday life, then we could not be happier with our final product. Not only are we striving to create something that makes you look and feel good, but we’re aiming to give you something that you can use in a variety of social and professional situations, giving you that timeless quality feel.


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