The fox and the hare...

We take pride in saying that we have some of the most unique designs the industry has, but as many of you will know, and many of you will not know, we don’t do this all by ourselves.

Screenshot 2015-10-14 15.51.48Although we have no issues saying we are experts when it comes to bespoke clothing in the wedding attire category, there are some components that are just not in our skill set, like sporrans for example. So we look for names in the industry who are not only good at what they do but are also unique. Angel Sporrans is a company we work with extensively, and can not only vouch for the high quality of their work and level of professionalism, but also their ‘out the box’ thinking when it comes to the designs of their sporrans.

Many people don’t appreciate the countless hours that go into creating a design that no one else has seen before, a design that no one else has or can compare to. So when we see designs like the latest from Angel Sporrans, we can’t help but appreciate them. Here’s a bit of background to Angel Sporrans and where these designs came for… Angel Sporrans originated, and are still based, in Fife in the heart of Scotland. They took the challenge of resurrecting the art of creating unique sporrans from prepared bird, game or animal skins, a practice that was originally brought to the world by the Scottish military over 300 years ago, but now more associated with wedding attire.

Every single sporran is crafted with care and respect, the animals used in the sporrans’ production are all ethically sourced from the Cairngorm mountains in the Highlands of Scotland. Lynn Smith, the founder of Angel Sporrans said: “Every sporran is lovingly created by hand in our workshop using skills and techniques learned from taxidermy and Screenshot 2015-10-14 16.15.55leatherwork experts ensuring these ancient craft methods are kept alive. The tradition of creating sporrans featuring bird feathers and animal pelts dates back to the eighteenth century but has fallen out of favour in more recent times. I hope to spark new interest in these beautiful traditional sporrans. And, it’s not only sporrans, the craft of traditional Scottish clothing is a crucial part of our heritage as Scottish citizens, and we happen to be in an industry that is keeping that traditional alive. Keeping to the traditional roots, but bringing a modern vibe to the classical garments.’ Lynn went on to say: “Traditional skills and crafts are an integral part of Scotland’s heritage but in today’s digital world we need to find new markets and ways of preserving interest in them. I am hopeful that Angel Sporrans can do this by combining skillful animal preservation with design resulting in unique hand-crafted sporrans that will last for generations and that each have their own special story to tell.” If you want to know more about any of these innovative designs, feel free to get in touch with us and we'll be happy to help you.

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