Travelling light... with options

Those of you who travel on business a great deal on will already know it's not quite the glamorous lifestyle people think it is.  Eventually, all hotel bedrooms look pretty much the same; sometimes only defined by the simple things like the brand of tea or shampoo offered to guests.  Then there's eating alone, often in half empty hotel restaurants with only a book or the local paper for company.

Travelling alone too can be a lonely, and somehow longer, experience without someone with whom you can simply share the observations of your journey.

Then there's the packing, something that most us us loathe and detest simply because it involves thinking about what we will be wearing days in advance.  You need to take into account who you'll be meeting, what you'll be doing, and where you'll be going. 

Then there's the climate, will it be warm or cold; or indeed warm and cold? That's where a carefully selected suite of handmade clothes becomes a real God send.  It is entirely possible to make a suite of clothes for the business traveller.  A suite that not only meets the bill when considering what to wear, but one that also minimises the amount of clothes you have to take in the first place. Imagine being able to travel for a whole week of meetings and business dinners with a jacket, a pair of trousers, two waistcoats, and a pair of jeans, and be happy that you will be able to dress for any occasion. 

Of course you still need shirts, socks, underwear and shoes, but essentially with this mix you can create multiple looks suitable for most events. Why two waistcoats?  It's simple; two contrasting colours, in two different weights, and perhaps even two different styles.  Imagine one to match your jacket and trousers, and a heavier one in contrasting tweed. 

This provides an entirely different look, and the warmth you might need if the weather is inclined to drop in the evening.

So, it might be a high powered business dinner one evening with the full matching three pieces, the following evening it's less formal drinks with colleagues, so switch to jacket, tweed waistcoat and your jeans! Travelling light doesn't need to limit your choices, and if you put some thought into the creative period with your tailor, it saves you scratching your head every time you pack in the future.

Tweed jacket2

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