What Women Want

This was the title of the 2000 Mel Gibson film, when he suddenly gains the ability to understand what women are really thinking. He then uses this talent in his work at an advertising agency, to great effect.

We may not have all the answers, but we believe we do have an understanding of what women want when it comes to how they want the men in their lives to look.

And although we’re renowned for men’s tailoring, we also design clothing for women too.

And we know that women play a huge role in what’s popular in the world of men’s fashion.

Many men take a premium approach to dressing themselves, not only because they take pride in their appearance, but because they want to look desirable to the opposite sex.So what we do is, in fact, influenced by what women deem to be attractive.

What are the main components that make men attractive to women? Body language, a sense of humour and sincerity, to name a few. All of which stem from one attribute, confidence.

We have heard from so many of our clients how good they feel when they put on a bespoke garment, made to measure just for them they feel they stand out in the room among others. If you don’t believe us, let some of our clients tell you themselves…


It’s an old cliché, but when you look good, you feel good and when you feel good, you perform good. It all starts with looking good.

A well-tailored suit is to women what lingerie is to menRyan Gosling

In addition, many of our clients are in a relationship, engaged or married, as you’ll know from some of our testimonials from the men we’ve worked with in preparing them for their Big Day. The reason we bring this up is because we want the client and their other half to look and feel great when wearing their dinner jacket, coat or three-piece suit, , whether it’s a night out, formal evening of the Big Day itself. Although it’s a very intimate process between tailor and client, it’s a wise choice getting the other half to sign off on final designs. As the saying goes, ‘Happy wife, happy life!’

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