What’s for dinner?

Whilst you’d expect your tailor to ask you about your lifestyle, your job and of course, your style and clothing, it’s unlikely they would ask what’s on the menu for your family meal – unless, of course, your tailor is Andrew Brookes!

As part of the work I do with my clients, I often meet them at their homes for fittings. And because I become an essential part of their “team,” I often end up sitting down with the family for dinner!

Working with my clients involves much more than tailoring, as I build not only a tailor – client relationship, but also an important friendship. This means I have a much better understanding of my clients’ lives and how I can create custom-made clothing, which works for them and their lifestyle.

“Andrew made me a kilt outfit for my wedding day and I have truly never been better-dressed! ?I was impressed by his great attention to the little details and the time he spent getting to know “me” in order to make the outfit perfect for the day.”Gylen

While I create bespoke wedding outfits and am delighted that they contribute to making the Big Day fantastic, it is also great to see how everyday clothing can compliment my clients’ lifestyles and be tailored to suit their busy schedules and social calendars.

My meetings are important not only for discussing customisation, fabrics and suit measurements, but also as a great opportunity to understand my clients and how they like to dress.

While creating fantastic, custom-made clothing is important to me, my main goal is to make my clients’ lives run more smoothly, whether it is for a social event, for work or for special occasions.

“What Andrew is able to do is nothing short of remarkable; he gets to you know as a person, and what he learns he puts into your outfit. Your personality becomes part of your outfit and that is what Andrew is great at. I enjoyed every part of the process: from design discussions, measurement, to fittings, and the final product is one that you can guarantee to be of supreme quality. The biggest compliment of all – every wedding I go, to I’m asked where on earth I got my outfit, so I love regaling the story of the charismatic and passionate tailor whose vision brought it to life.”Paul

Recently, I discussed the tradition of never giving your tailor’s name away. My passion is to always help to make my clients’ lives better and part of that comes from building lasting friendships. Indeed, many of my clients have become treasured family friends. Just last week, for example, we celebrated my wife’s birthday with many of them round our dinner table!

So get in touch for more information or to arrange a meeting – and be sure to make room at the dinner table!