Why did Obama care?


What Henry Skinner of the 2006 film “A Good Year” highlights here is a very traditional opinion. Today, however, word of mouth and referrals are perhaps even more effective than the sense of exclusivity and the idea that tailoring and bespoke clothing are reserved only for those lucky enough to have found a tailor so fantastic, they could never give his name away.

A client of ours recently attended an exciting event, organised by the Hunter Foundation, honouring a very special guest – Barack Obama. Lucky enough to meet the former President – and wearing one of our bespoke designs – our client was soon asked the all important question – “who is your tailor?” and of course, when asked by one of the world’s most powerful men, he answered.

While films such as “Kingsman” (2014) support the opinion of Henry Skinner and emphasise the exclusivity of a good tailor, nowadays this is something to discuss, especially as brands are not represented only by their brick and mortar stores, but also through e-commerce and digital channels.

While many years ago, bespoke clothing was somewhat exclusive to the rich and famous, today, more and more men (and women) are enjoying the luxury of tailored clothing. Not only are brands representing themselves differently, the growth of the blogging industry is certainly contributing to the changing opinions on clothing and style.

In the 1930’s, tailoring was a luxury and certainly not one that every man could afford but for those who could, it was important that their tailor’s name was never given away. Nowadays, word of mouth (and word of mouth marketing) is not only effective but also extremely important for new business.

While we understand making an exception for Mr Obama, we don’t understand why more men don’t discuss their tailors today. We’re passionate about our customers looking and feeling great in the clothing created for them and the greatest compliment of all is when others realise that they do. Further to that, tailoring is no longer reserved for those who can afford it but those who appreciate it – and those who appreciate it should work with a great tailor.

We certainly celebrate tradition and appreciate the classic opinions on tailoring but in 2017, we have to disagree with Henry Skinner.