Why stop at a jacket?

What happens to left over fabric? It’s seems like such a shame that just because a beautiful material should just be discarded, simply because it didn’t make the final cut, so what should we do with it?

As an example, let’s say that a client gets a bespoke jacket made, we have multiple options for matching accessories, that would be an excellent compliment to not only the matching jacket, but to whatever you wanted to match it with to complete your outfit, whether it be jeans, suit trousers and so on.

The type of accessory that will be made is dependent on the amount of material left over to work with, but if we think that something is worth the extra fabric, it’s easy enough to source it again.

An item we feel is too often overlooked is the waistcoat. Many people have forgotten that one of the essential elements of the three-piece suit is the waistcoat, although in this case we’re looking at it as one part of a two piece set that can be worn with a jacket and a pair of jeans or trousers.

This garment will require a fair bit more material than the other accessories we’ll be talking about, so in this case we may look to source some extra fabric to complete the project.

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Going down in size now we have something that will be a little bit easier to work with, a scarf. Much less fabric required than a waistcoat, and there is the option to have two different materials for either side, or we can go double sided. A good scarf is a great way to finish off an outfit, and also not a bad item to have if you live in somewhere like Scotland or the UK.


It’s not often that you see someone wearing a jacket with a matching tie, but as we keep saying it’s down to the individual’s vibe and their own personal taste. Thinking outside the box and going against the norm is something we have absolutely no problem doing as the results can be amazing.

Finally, a handkerchief. Usually, we design a contrasting handkerchief with a colour that will stand out against the jacket, but it wouldn’t hurt to have matching one as well, simply for something a little different and a bit of variety.

These are the main options we would consider when dealing with extra materials or additional accessories, but there are other directions we could go, feel free to share your own suggestions with us, we’d love to hear them!

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