Why use a tailor?

Something we’ve heard before, but not very often, is that the process of acquiring bespoke clothing can be a tiresome process with the consultations, various measurements, fittings and so on. Which we can understand that some people may not feel it’s all worth it, but when you realize what your getting, we can promise you it is. So, why should you hire a tailor?


It’s painful to see well known shops promoting their deals on massive discounts for their suits, yet still claim to be top quality material. Although they will do the job for odd family event here and there, they will never measure up to the quality of a suit, fitted to your own frame.

Something we can guarantee is that the fabrics we use are of the highest quality available, and trust us when we say it makes all the difference in the world. SEE ALSO: Bespoke Clothing: cost of use vs. cost of suit.


As we mentioned above, when it comes to these discounts, there is nothing unique about what you’re getting, twenty people could be wearing that same suit you bought.

When you work with a tailor, they’re taking a collection of fabrics and materials, which are then transformed into a garment that is fitted to the exact measurements taken from your body. As well as this, it’s not a plain, ‘cookie cutter’ design, it’s suited to your vibe, meaning that there isn’t another piece like that in the world.


From the outside looking in, many people have this misconception that when it comes to bespoke tailoring, you come, get your measurements, choose your fabric, get your garment and be sent on your merry way. Maybe with some tailors, but not with Andrew Brookes Tailoring. Before we take any measurements of your body, we need to measure you as a person, now we don’t mean we’re going to look you up and down and pass judgment, we get to know you. SEE ALSO: Tailor’s Tips: A much more Personal Experience.


Above all we can guarantee that you’re going to look good. This is very much a collaborative process, as your suit/dinner jacket/coat etc. will be made to suit your vibe and personal taste, but we will use our many years of professional experience in the industry to make sure that no major fashion blunders are made.


Our final reason for enlisting the services of a tailor, is that the process is second to none. When we talk at our first consultation, we have nothing but an idea and a vibe to work with, then we create something out of nothing. By the the end of the project you get see, touch and wear the idea that you had in your head come to fruition, and is now a reality. It’s not something we can do justice with words, you really have to experience it for yourself. If you like what you read above and want to take the first step towards looking your best, then feel free to get in touch with us.

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