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Top 7 Groom Wedding Suit Trends of 2024

25 January 2024

Stepping into the new year means embracing fresh styles, especially when it comes to one of the most important days of your life – your wedding. Grooms, prepare to make a statement with the latest trends that promise a perfect blend of tradition and contemporary flair. Here’s our guide to the top groomwear trends for 2024. 

Couple walking down steps on wedding day

Navy Blue

Navy blue wedding suits will be making their way down the aisle in 2024, with their versatility they offer a spectrum of styles ranging from timeless and conventional to daring and attention-grabbing. They are available in many fabrics and silhouettes to accommodate every preference and season, making them a staple choice every year.   

A traditional navy suit looks particularly good when paired with a pristine white shirt and will work well with many accessories and bridesmaid colours, too. 

A couple with their children on their wedding day

Deep Greens

Green emerged as the wedding colour of 2023, spanning from deep forest green to lighter sage tones, and it’s projected to be a winner in 2024.   

While the idea of a green suit might surprise some, it’s unquestionably a hue gaining momentum in the wedding industry with a particular focus on darker greens. And, pairing a forest green suit with a sage tie will complement a sage bridesmaid dress beautifully. 

Three-Piece Suit

The three-piece suit will have you standing with confidence as you exchange vows. Even if you typically prefer the understated elegance of a simple grey or navy blue suit, adding a waistcoat elevates your ensemble without straying too far from your style comfort zone.   

Whether you coordinate your waistcoat fabric with your suit or opt for a bold contrast, it’s an opportunity to add individuality into your look. Top tip – choosing a three-piece suit all in one colour will look clean and, for a summer wedding, will pair perfectly with a white shirt and ivory tie. 


There has been a noticeable trend towards tartan trews for weddings, often in the wearer’s clan tartan rather than a tartan chosen solely for its colour coordination with the wedding party. These trews outfits offer a versatile mix, ranging from a formal dinner look featuring navy velvet or black dinner jackets paired with bows to a more relaxed day ensemble incorporating tweeds in shades of navy and charcoal.   

An emerging shift is seen in contrasting the waistcoat colour with the jacket, departing from the conventional matching approach to achieve a more stylish aesthetic. While the classic green day jacket and waistcoat combination remain timeless, darker jackets are increasingly favoured for their dressier and more formal appeal. 

Couple looking at each other on their wedding day


Highland outfits remain a prominent trend for 2024. Two distinct areas dictate kilt outfit choices: the classic dinner look, characterised by black bows and increasingly popular velvet jackets and waistcoats, and the more casual day ensemble featuring tweed jackets and waistcoats, typically in deeper blues and greys.   

Grooms are showing favour towards clan tartan kilt rather than selecting a tartan to match the wedding party. A helpful tip for coordinating Highland outfits is to decide on the groom’s attire, focusing on the tartan and jacket colours.

Man in a navy blazer with a green waistcoat

Morning Highland Wear

Combining morning wear (tailcoats) with tartan trews is a new look for grooms gaining traction this year. This look gives a sophisticated and upscale vibe, departing from traditional highland wear norms and appealing to the modern groom. 

Additionally, classic morning wear is having a modest resurgence, featuring navy tailcoats paired with grey or alternative colour waistcoats and grey striped trousers. 

We created something just like this for Rugby professional Jamie Ritchie. Jamie’s wedding attire consisted of a custom hybrid jacket and tartan trousers cut on the waist to offer flexibility to wear with a shirt and cardigan even after the big day. We’re likely to see this influence in 2024. 


Timeless Tuxedo

When it comes to the tuxedo, there is no need to guild the lily. After dominating 2023, the tuxedo remains in 2024 by virtue of its power to resist ever being “trendy.” They’re the ideal pick for grooms seeking a look that is a step above the ordinary suit and a distinguished way to honour the significance of your wedding day thanks to its exceptional construction, design, and features. 

Couple walking in a park on their wedding day

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