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What to Wear to a Spring Wedding for Men

31 May 2024

Springs brings warmer weather, beautiful blooms, and a need to stay cool whilst still looking sharp. It provides a perfect combination of factors to celebrate the start of your new married life. While the season can set the tone for your wedding, there are plenty of details you will need to decide on to craft the perfect outfit. Here’s our guide to figuring out the perfect spring wedding outfit, featuring our top picks tailored to fit the season’s charm.

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Explore Different Colours

Springs speaks to lighter, vibrant colours that reflect the fresh and lively season. Think about suits in shades such as light blue, soft grey, and pastel hues. Tones like this will showcase a fresh departure from winter. Try a light coloured three-piece suit paired with a crisp white shirt and loafers The lighter colours will reflect the season perfectly. Or, if you prefer something more classic, go for a soft grey cotton suit with a white shirt and black oxford shoes. For more colour pairings and ideas, you can read our guide on what colour suit to wear to your wedding.

Weather Appropriate Clothes

Spring can be unpredictable, so choosing the right fabrics and weight of your clothing is important. Lightweight and breathable materials like linen, cotton or light wool blend are your plus ones this wedding season.

Try out a cream linen suit for a comfortable, cool fit all day. Pair with a tailored white shirt and light brown brogues. Or, if you’re attending a wedding with fluctuating spring temperatures, a light wool blend suit in a blue or sage green will provide warmth without being too heavy.

Fits and Construction

The fit and construction of your suit will enhance your appearance, comfort and confidence this wedding season. When your suit is tailored to perfection, it will feel like second skin, moving with you from the aisle to the dance floor with ease.

For a modern and sleek look that will suit most body types, opt for a tailored slim-fit suit. Alternatively, if you want a timeless silhouette with added comfort, then a classic fit is right for you. At Andrew Brookes, we offer tailored fits that cater to every body type, looking at the way you stand, move and your personal style for a sharp and polished look.

casual semi-formal formal

Casual, semi-formal, formal

Understanding the formality of your wedding will help you narrow down your clothing choices. For a casual affair, a light blue cotton blazer with khaki trousers will work well. For a semi-formal wedding, a light grey cotton two-piece suit with a white dress shirt is a safe bet. And for a formal occasion, try a three-piece suit or even a black tuxedo for an evening wedding.

dress code

Dress code

At any wedding, it’s always important to adhere to the dress code as it shows respect for the couple and the occasion. If the dress code isn’t clear, a safe bet is a classic suit in a light colour with a tie. For a more relaxed dress code, you might opt for a dress shirt and blazer without a tie.

Day vs Night

The time of the wedding can really shape what you wear. For daytime weddings, go with lighter colours in fabrics that fit the spring vibe. In the evening, you might want to choose darker hues and dress a bit more formally, even in spring.

Seasonal Accessories

Accessories can really elevate your spring wedding outfit. Try adding a silk tie or pocket square for a seasonal touch. Lightweight scarves or hats can also be practical and stylish additions if you’re feeling bold. If you’re looking to add some personalised details, try bespoke cufflinks, monogrammed buttons, coloured trims, or even a pop of colour in your socks. Look at our bespoke accessories for more inspiration.

seasonal accessories


For footwear, consider tan leather oxfords, which are classic and versatile for most suit colours, especially with a lighter colour palette. Brown brogues will add a touch of elegance that works well with lighter suits, or tan loafers for a more relaxed yet stylish look.


If you’re still searching for inspiration or would like to know more about a bespoke suit for this wedding season, At Andrew Brookes, we provide a wide range of tailored suits and accessories to help you look your best. Explore our bespoke wedding suits for tailored perfection, and don’t hesitate to contact us for personalised advice.

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