The History and Importance of Men’s Highland Dress

The history and importance of men’s Highland dress has been a conversation starter for centuries. Today, people still uncover the remarkable history and significance of these traditional Scottish garments and are stunned by the exquisite design, silhouette and regality they showcase. To find out more about Highland dress, read on.

How to choose a wedding suit

She said yes! Now, what to wear on the big day…

There are plenty of things to consider when choosing the perfect wedding suit and many questions to be asking yourself so you can get a suit that encapsulates your style. To help ensure your task is enjoyable, we’ve compiled the essential factors you need to consider before you enter the wedding suit realm so you’re looking sharp on the big day.

Bespoke suits vs off the rack suits – what’s the difference?

Having a suit in one’s wardrobe is a necessity for at least five occasions in life, and there is a myriad of options available to acquire a suit. Two popular options are a bespoke suit and one bought off the rack, both of which are very different in their own way. We’re going to break down the difference between these two so you’re looking suit-able for your next occasion.

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Why Bespoke Shirts are Better than Ready to Wear

When people hear of tailor-made shirts, the mind immediately runs to status and cost. We associate bespoke design with the likes of CEOs, celebrities and Royals and those who stand out from the everyday crowd. However, this myth is about to be debunked as we’re here to tell you that bespoke shirts are not as exclusive as you may think, they’re also far more reasonable in cost than you’ve been led to expect, and that they’re a much better investment than any ready-made shirt.

Read on to discover why your next shirt should be a bespoke one.

When to go shopping for your wedding suit

You’ve likely found yourself on this blog post because you’re either the groom, best man, or guest to an upcoming wedding and are in the market for the perfect wedding suit for such an event. The feat of finding said wedding suit can feel like an epic challenge, especially when you consider all the styles out there and the fact that trends are constantly changing. 

So, when is the right time to go shopping for your wedding suit? Read on to discover our expert tips and advice that we have constructed over many years in the tailoring business to ensure you know exactly when to go shopping and what to do to ensure the best experience. 

A Personal Approach to Tailoring

Now, it’s all about the future relationship…
Like many across Europe wondering about the shape of things to come, at Andrew Brookes we’re focused on building future relationships that stand the test of time.

Quite simply, our entire business is built on forming close relationships with our clients. We do so much more than just sell clothes. By getting to know our clients and truly understanding what makes them tick, we can achieve our aim of enhancing their lives through great clothing.

Andrew Devlin gets his ‘clad rags’ on.

A huge part of our business and the service we offer is based around relationships. With the advances in technology and the importance of online marketing and social media in today’s world, people tend to almost forget about how much influence word of mouth has. This next blog looks at one of our clients who came to us through a relationship we have with another one of our clients.

Why use a tailor?

Something we’ve heard before, but not very often, is that the process of acquiring bespoke clothing can be a tiresome process with the consultations, various measurements, fittings and so on. Which we can understand that some people may not feel it’s all worth it, but when you realize what your getting, we can promise you it is. So, why should you hire a tailor?