Reflecting on the last year

2015 was a fantastic year for Andrew Brookes Tailoring. It truly warms the heart to see so many people see the real value in bespoke tailoring, and helping them take the first step in their journey. There were many highlights to the year, as we count every single customer who visits our showroom as a personal highlight, but there were a few that really stand out among the rest.

Who are we?

As we build our online presence we realise that our name will be popping up in front an audience that may have never heard of us before, so our latest blog is going to introduce you to Andrew Brookes Tailoring. As the old saying goes, “a picture says a thousand words”. Well, a video says 10,000, which is why we’re not going to overload you with too much reading to do on this one, and we’ll let the man himself tell you about what it is we do at Andrews Brookes Tailoring. Andrew has over 20 years in the industry and has always had a keen eye for fashion and style. He prides himself in being able to tailor his designs to suit the wearers lifestyle, so that they are presented with a truly unique garment at the end of the process. Related post: What matches your personal brand – a suit or a suite?