Bespoke suits vs off the rack suits – what’s the difference?

Having a suit in one’s wardrobe is a necessity for at least five occasions in life, and there is a myriad of options available to acquire a suit. Two popular options are a bespoke suit and one bought off the rack, both of which are very different in their own way. We’re going to break down the difference between these two so you’re looking suit-able for your next occasion.

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“Putting on a suit is putting on a suit of armour” – Guy Ritchie

Last week, podcaster Joe Rogan welcomed Guy Ritchie onto his show. While they discussed various topics, with a considerable focus on the upcoming release of Ritchie’s latest film, “King Arthur”, they also discussed what Ritchie refers to as ‘the death of the suit’.

Why did Obama care?

What Henry Skinner of the 2006 film “A Good Year” highlights here is a very traditional opinion. Today, however, word of mouth and referrals are perhaps even more effective than the sense of exclusivity and the idea that tailoring and bespoke clothing are reserved only for those lucky enough to have found a tailor so fantastic, they could never give his name away.

Who would you rather deal with?

We realize that not everyone is blessed with time, and on occasion it may seem like a good idea to pop into a store on the high street and pick yourself what would appear to be a good quality suit, in and out in 30-45 minutes, and you’re on your way but look back at this experience, if you have had one and think, who would you rather deal with?

Travelling light… with options

Those of you who travel on business a great deal on will already know it’s not quite the glamorous lifestyle people think it is. Eventually, all hotel bedrooms look pretty much the same; sometimes only defined by the simple things like the brand of tea or shampoo offered to guests. Then there’s eating alone, often in half empty hotel restaurants with only a book or the local paper for company.

When a watch is not a watch

The launch of the new Apple Watch has many people talking about the modern day function of a watch. Indeed, on Apple’s website they highlight the words, “An incredibly precise timepiece”. Notably, they also promote the watch as, “Our most personal device yet”. However, has Apple got it right? Yes, it may keep time “to within 50 milliseconds of the definitive global time standard”, it may also have Camelion type qualities that allow you to personalise its appearance, but is it as personal to you as the watch your father handed down that loses 3 minutes every day? Does it even matter if it loses three minutes every day?

What matches your personal brand – a suit or a suite?

It’s fair to say that dress codes have changed dramatically in recent years and generally we see a more casual approach to dressing. Perhaps this is most evident in the workplace where we see a diminishing amount of men wearing shirt and tie, or even a suit. Is it a bad thing? No, it’s fashion, and fashion changes all the time. However, just because you’ve hung the pinstripe in the back of the wardrobe doesn’t mean you no longer have the need for a good tailor.