What Colour Suit Should I Wear to my Wedding?

The anticipation of the wedding day is brewing and it’s time to spare a thought for your wedding attire. Wedding suits have evolved over the years and grooms are now presented with a wide selection of colours to choose from. Men are now noticing the vast variety of styles available for their wedding day and are choosing a suit that is a reflection of their individualism. One of the simplest ways to do this is by choosing the right suit colour.

The History and Importance of Men’s Highland Dress

The history and importance of men’s Highland dress has been a conversation starter for centuries. Today, people still uncover the remarkable history and significance of these traditional Scottish garments and are stunned by the exquisite design, silhouette and regality they showcase. To find out more about Highland dress, read on.

How to choose a wedding suit

She said yes! Now, what to wear on the big day…

There are plenty of things to consider when choosing the perfect wedding suit and many questions to be asking yourself so you can get a suit that encapsulates your style. To help ensure your task is enjoyable, we’ve compiled the essential factors you need to consider before you enter the wedding suit realm so you’re looking sharp on the big day.

Bespoke suits vs off the rack suits – what’s the difference?

Having a suit in one’s wardrobe is a necessity for at least five occasions in life, and there is a myriad of options available to acquire a suit. Two popular options are a bespoke suit and one bought off the rack, both of which are very different in their own way. We’re going to break down the difference between these two so you’re looking suit-able for your next occasion.

Read on to discover more.

Why Bespoke Shirts are Better than Ready to Wear

When people hear of tailor-made shirts, the mind immediately runs to status and cost. We associate bespoke design with the likes of CEOs, celebrities and Royals and those who stand out from the everyday crowd. However, this myth is about to be debunked as we’re here to tell you that bespoke shirts are not as exclusive as you may think, they’re also far more reasonable in cost than you’ve been led to expect, and that they’re a much better investment than any ready-made shirt.

Read on to discover why your next shirt should be a bespoke one.

How to Style a Navy Blue Suit Jacket

The classic navy blue suit jacket derives from the reefer jacket of naval origin, still used today by yacht and rowing club members as a way to differentiate themselves from other clubs. This nautical-inspired garment has become the staple of any stylish man’s wardrobe, with it not being as formal as a black suit jacket, and slightly more energetic than grey – perfect as a stand-alone article that can be adapted to suit any occasion.

This blog post will arm you with our most stylish tips and tricks to take your navy blue suit blazer to the next level and ensure it gets the wear it deserves. Read on to discover more.

Key Essentials – Denim

Continuing with our ‘Key Essentials’ Series, we turn our focus to denim.

Denim is a global wardrobe staple for both men and women and rightfully so, as this is a fabric that bridges summer and winter, work and play, dressy and casual. Everyone feels themselves with their jeans on and so we are going to look deep into what makes denim so revolutionary.

Denim brings unique colour, and not a lot of people know that denim is originally beige. The original fabric is taken through a repetitive dyeing and drying process using indigo dye becoming a deeper shade with each dip. The dye actually takes the denim to a green colour which with oxidisation turns into blue.

Key Essentials – The Grey Jacket

2nd up in our ‘Key Essentials’ blog series we are talking about at the Grey Jacket. The grey jacket is our pick for a second jacket after the ‘classic’ blue or navy jacket. Both grey and classic blue are timeless, but where the grey really comes into its own is with its exceptional versatility. This makes it a must for anyone’s wardrobe.